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LGS Review: Moon Dragon in Everett, Washington

Image credit to Kristel Hallsson


You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story.

You’ve just pulled into a parking spot behind a 7-11 and beside a brewery. For a minute, you didn’t think that your destination existed. It took you several attempts to find the secret location and now that you’re here, you can’t wait to find out what adventures await you inside.

Moon Dragon didn’t have a ton of current information online, which has fueled your curiosity and added to the intrigue surrounding this place. You’re not quite sure what you’ll find inside, but the giant blow up dragon outside is waving it’s elongated neck and wings, beckoning you in.

The front door offers a full month of events as well as a list of house rules for prospective Magic players. One item of interest is that infect damage here is doubled and is thus harder to obtain. You make a mental note to leave your Atraxa infect deck at home.

If you open the door, continue to the next heading.

If you turn around and go home, close this blog and weep in misery at never knowing the treasures that could have awaited you.

Overall Aesthetic

Image depicts a large blow up dragon outside of one of the gaming areas

If you could combine the childhood nostalgia of gaming in your best friend’s basement in the 80’s/90’s, your favourite easy-to-make comfort food and snacks, the setting of that weird dream you had last night, and all of the latest Wizards of the Coast products, you would be magically transported to the interior of Moon Dragon.

Do you remember those SNL skits with Bill Hader where he plays Stefon? Stefon is a news correspondent who offers the viewer a list of one-of-a-kind experiences and destinations to visit in New York, but the outlandish descriptions always seem too whimsical to exist in real life. Good news for you Stefon fans out there, because Moon Dragon does exist and it’s calling your name.

Gaming Area and Events

You’ll find an entire room of Egypt styled tapestries with a small table for you and your pantheon to conduct rites for the dead play endless hours of Commander at. Also available are canine companions to help ease the sorrow of a Cyclonic Rift that was played right before you were bound to win the game. Two additional curiously decorated gaming rooms offer a huge amount of tables for your gaming needs while the massive assortment of products that Moon Dragon offers are found in a separate designated space. A covered tent outside with some lawn chairs offers.. well, I don’t know what. I didn’t go over there. That’s a mystery for another day.

This place is truly a mini labyrinth of wonder.

Unique events are set for every Friday with prize support and are extremely well attended and managed.


Image credit to Jesse Skellington. Image depicts some of the boxes of bulk singles available.

Whether it’s singles, packs, Commander decks, boulder boxes, board games, dice, Beefaroni, a wish to partake in the communal bottle of ranch dressing, D&D merchandise, or specifically: The Red Neck Life board game, Moon Dragon has you covered.

They carry the latest selection of Dragon Shield and Eclipse sleeves and always have a ton of merchandise available that I hadn’t seen in another setting.

Customer Service

Almost every time I’ve purchased something, it’s been with Michael or Adam. These guys have so much excitement and passion for the game and it’s made clear through even a couple minutes’ worth of conversation.

One thing that I’d love to mention is the presence of female employees or volunteers here. This sadly isn’t something that I experience in a ton of other LGSes and it is so welcome. I think it was Sarah who gave us our introduction to the shop and she was quick to offer a tour, an explanation of events and products, and how to quickly get involved in a game.

Staff are encouraging in your purchases and always keen to provide additional information or suggestions – though not in a way that feels pushy.

Will There Be Children Under the Age of 13 There?

I have never seen a child here.

What’s the Average Level of Experience?

Diverse, but with a large amount of proficient and high powered players. Staff do an excellent job of sorting out tables for FNM and events to make sure that people (and their decks) are well matched.

Anything Else to Note

These people care a lot about their community. We noticed that they provided birthday cake for two of their regulars and really go out of their way to welcome people in. They have a super diverse and bustling player base that truly feels well looked after.

I just wish they had a Discord & consistently posted more information online for those of us who live out of town! I suppose it all just adds to the intrigue.

This is definitely a place that focuses on building in person, you-had-to-be-there, #FOMO inducing friendships.

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