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LGS Review: Stupid Geeks, Inc in Lake Stevens, Washington

Stupid Geeks, Inc was recommended to us by our very good friend. This shop absolutely did not disappoint.

Walking in, you might feel like you’ve entered into the gaming equivalent of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley. The visitor is immediately treated to the nostalgic beeps and bops of arcade games while a myriad of every format of game imaginable are presented in an organized chaos of delight.

The cash register stands proudly in front of at least ten different boxes of Magic packs that a hopeful customer might try their luck at. Fair warning, other regulars might make remarks at your decision to purchase packs instead of only buying singles or drafting with them. Don’t listen. We got an alternate version of the new Smothering Tithe and have absolutely zero regrets.

However, if you want to do the responsible thing, these guys have a massive assortment of singles to purchase and we were able to also snag some specific items from our wish list.

You can find the Discord link on their website to submit a list of desired cards ahead of your visit.

Gaming Area and Events

I’m going to be honest, the gaming area isn’t huge. However, this is remedied by having scheduled events in which case more space can be cleared to set up additional tables. As it stands, there is a table set up for about four people to drop in and play.

Drafts seem to be a regular occurrence and Commander is played Fridays at 7 until late. Join their Discord or call ahead to get the scoop on what their current schedule looks like.


Glass cases provide a view of some of their fancier cards while massive white boxes are labeled with set symbols behind the cash. Many boxes of draft and set boosters are available including some collector boosters.

Much of the store is taken up by retro video games, which is great if that’s your jam. Even if it’s not, it can still be fun to take a trip down memory lane or at least admire the cute stuffies and other paraphernalia.

Customer Service

Josh, the owner, was a huge sweetheart and obviously has a lot of passion for the game. He has the demeanor of a long-lost friend alongside the ability to make you feel right at home in his store while providing tons of information on his products and events.

I didn’t catch the employee’s name who was working with him, but he seemed knowledgeable as well and had a great sense of humor.

Will There Be Children Under the Age of 13 There?

Judging from their Facebook and Discord, yes. There’s a strong chance of encountering one or more children if you attend an event. Children are encouraged to attend if they have a basic familiarity with the game.

What’s the Average Level of Experience?

We were told that many of their Commander players are new and precons are often viable options. Other regulars have more experience so any prospective Commander-night attendees should bring a variety of decks ranging in different power levels if possible. What’s that? You only have a precon? You’re still good to go.

This place seems exceptionally welcoming to newcomers so if you’re new to the format and live nearby, definitely consider heading here first.

Anything Else to Note

  • We loved the projector screen showcasing NumotTheNummy conducting an Arena draft on Youtube.
  • For those of you who are into other games outside of Magic, this place is a treasure trove of hidden gems.

Find out more at

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